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Flashbake Registry

Once you have set up your flashbake endpoint, you must register it on-chain.

The Flashbake Registry is an on-chain table associating bakers with their Flashbake endpoint URL.

Any baker can register as a flashbaker by submitting their Flashbake endpoint URL to the contract storage.

To prevent spam, the flashbaker is required to deposit Tez into the contract in order to have their address registered.

ChainContract AddressDeposit Amount
MainnetKT1PQ21pYv12aUg6tHYvM9rwekYMXUtYGo2a10 tez
GhostnetKT1CWuYkWxZMSq8kA12Kt5NpFGjSRac1Dc4r1 test tez

How to register as a flashbaker on Mainnet

To register as a flashbaker, issue the following command:

tezos-client \
--endpoint \
transfer 10 from <YOUR BAKER ADDRESS> to KT1PQ21pYv12aUg6tHYvM9rwekYMXUtYGo2a \
--entrypoint 'register' \
--burn-cap 0.037

<YOUR_FLASHBAKE_ENDPOINT_URL> should be the Flashbake endpoint relay listener URL. It is typically https://<address>:<port>/flashbake/bundle, where the relay listener of your Flashbake endpoint is publicly accessible on <address>:<port>.

To unregister and get your bond back:

tezos-client \
--endpoint \
transfer 0 from <YOUR BAKER ADDRESS> to KT1PQ21pYv12aUg6tHYvM9rwekYMXUtYGo2a \
--entrypoint 'unregister'

To update your flashbake endpoint address, you must unregister then re-register.

How to register as a flashbaker on Ghostnet

Follow same instructions than above, but:

  • --endpoint should be --endpoint
  • transfer recipient should be to KT1CWuYkWxZMSq8kA12Kt5NpFGjSRac1Dc4r
  • transfer 1 to the register bond instead of 10.

Multi-sig setup

The registry contract on Ghostnet is controlled by a multi-signature. The only action allowed by the multi-signature setup is to change the bond amount required. This multi-signature can also be upgraded to another set of accounts, or revoked altogether to make the registry immutable and trustless.

The current set of participants to the multi-signature setup are:

Ghostnet signer addressMainnet signer address
Daniel Feygintz1ZVJuBNjehw9zH1fiWGNNwJbFW8EcjHd5Utz1TwT1geA5evgxcDDkQupzBNR2Xd23ggkRv
Nicolas Ochemtz1Yyuh8uPKoQdMr2UxxQFwmmXfqGNGpxr3qtz1eTAkgFRhAct6LEMkFbfhmZKWuw7AYV2y3
Keefer Taylortz1YhBQGs44StJTvzFUTubA6NaLUcnsDv4N5tz1Vgr8svbAeMbmnC5tJxnB6WsB4h2iT6Mit