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Use the Public Relays

The public relays look and feel like regular Tezos RPC endpoints.

Several relays are maintained by the community:

Baking Bad

On Ghostnet

tezos-client --endpoint \
transfer 1 from alice to bob

This will take longer than using a regular endpoint, because not every baker is a flashbaker. However, the transaction will not be seen in the mempool, and therefore will be included privately.

You can observe that the transaction is indeed invisible to the mempool by visiting TzFlow, an online mempool observation tool.

On Mainnet

tezos-client --endpoint \
transfer 1 from alice to bob

This may never complete! In this early stage of Flashbake, few bakers are participating. If the next flashbaker is in more than 120 blocks, your transaction will expire and no longer be valid.